Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kite flying at the lake front

Last weekend we spent the day at Vetran's Park trying to fly kites. It worked for a little while until Evan couldn't hold on durring a big wind gust and his kite went flying, litterally. Bye Kite!

Miley enjoyed the walk and the warm sun, as you can see.

The walk way at Vetran's Park and McKinley Marina make a great day trip. You should try it some time.

Cave Spelunking!

Yesterday we went cave exploring. In Wisconsin just west of Mt. Horeb is a place called Cave of the Mounds. It is an amazing place. Originally a lead mine, the miners blasted one day and it opened up this Large cavern (cave) it is really an amazing site. These formations (stalagtites, stalagmites, colums, cave bacon, ect) only grow at a rate of 1/4" every 100 years... if I remember correctly. When you look at these pictures.... remember that fact... it will blow you away!